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Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. This legislation replaces existing data protection laws and governs how companies collect, hold and use people’s personal data.

As a leading provider of quality flooring and fitting services for domestic and commercial customers, Greens Carpets and Flooring is committed to GDPR compliance and strengthening the security and protection of its customer’s data.

Greens Carpets and Flooring therefore abides by the following customer data safeguarding principles.


  • Only data specifically necessary for the supply and fitting of flooring to a customer’s premises will be collected and stored.


  • Customer data is not stored electronically.


  • All computers within the business are secured by passwords which are changed on a monthly basis and are only accessible by Directors or senior management.


  • Our computers systems are protected by Anti-Virus software by Sophos security.


  • All printed documentation that includes customer data e.g. invoice, statement, delivery notes etc is stored centrally at our premises under lock and key. The only key holders are our Directors and Sales Administrators.


  • All printed customer documentation is professional shredded at time of disposal.


  • Our customers have a permanent right to request that all their data be erased at any time. If you wish to be erased from our systems, please contact our Data Protection Officer detailed below.


  • We only use customer data in the processing and fulfilment of customer orders for flooring and fitting, and the optional communication of occasional commercial news and offers.


  • Some of our customer data is transferred to third party companies. These include Karndean International who require us to pass on consumer details for the purpose of providing a TPG. This is the only reason that these details are required, and we are advised that they do not sell any data on to any third parties. They also state that when they send the TPG out to the customer they give them the option to consent to marketing emails from Karndean but they do NOT automatically enrol them. Karndean’s new Privacy policy can be found at 


  • We expect all of our suppliers to have GDPR procedures in place and encourage customers to familiarise themselves with GDPR.


  • All our staff are familiar with the importance of GDPR and their personal responsibilities to protecting customer data.


  • All sub-contractors are familiar with the importance of GDPR and their personal responsibilities to protecting customer data are in line with our own policies. They are also covered by their own liability insurances.


  • We have a cookies policy on our website.


  • We have a private policy on our website for customers to read.


 Any questions relating to our GDPR procedures can be addressed to Greens Carpets & Flooring Co-ordinator and assigned Data Protection Officer Jonathon Dutton – , 01942 245 141.


Greens Carpets Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, with company number is 1458099. This information is available to all customers on request. A copy is displayed within the showroom at the point of sale.


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